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Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware View - some facts

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I read somewhere today that VMware is going to win the Virtual Desktop “war” (VDI). Well did you know that VMware started from scratch, when it comes to their VMware View virtual desktop solution?  They need PCOIP (Teradici - not new, not theirs, not proven in software version), WYSE TCX (not new, not theirs and no high market penetration!), RTO vProfiles (not new, not theirs), linked clones (repurposed server cloning technology, not new, not saving in storage costs), Open source client (VMware only supports windows clients, not other operating systems!)

This list goes on and on. VMware has been following on Citrix bandwagon from the beginning and "partnering" with different vendors to get parity with Citrix.

VMware is a SERVER VIRTUALIZATION company. They know nothing about users as is obvious from the above "partnering" they have to do. Citrix is 20 years working with end users.

Citrix ICA client is proven technology; it works in both LAN and WANs, and also in high latency connections. Citrix XenDesktop 4 with FlexCast technology brings support for MAC, LINUX and Windows clients, which also includes thin clients.
Also Citrix has a user profile manager, not perfect, but it works and it's simple to setup and use.

Citrix announced improvements to XenDesktop with version 4 last month that improved performance, particularly for graphics intensive applications, which can now process graphics locally while running the bulk of the application on the hosted back end.

Also USB and other devices work, I've been testing XD 4 since a closed beta, and for instance my iPhone has worked with iTunes all the time. Maybe not what you need in a business environment, but still shows that it has a good adoption of supported devices.

With the new XenDesktop 4 HDX features like HDX MediaStream for FlashHDX MediaStream for Flash, HDX 3D Pro GraphicsHDX 3D Pro Graphics, HDX RealTimeHDX RealTime and HDX BroadcastHDX Broadcast you really get a impressive user experience, with still only using the ICA protocol.

I think anyways it’s to soon to talk about anybody winning the Virtual Desktop (VDI) market space, but I can tell you this much: Citrix is by far better, and VMware is not winning. Citrix has the best Virtual Desktop product as of yet, bold statement, but I’m sticking to that, as long as no other vendor shows me otherwise.

Any thoughts? All are welcome, please post a comment!


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