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Why Thin Client vendors not are Virtual! or are they?

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The couple of last years or even longer than that, time flies so I don't remember.. everybody has been talking about Virtualization, virtualize this, virtualize that, and YES we should virtualize, servers and desktops to some
extent. But, one thing that also came from this virtual-buzz was that the thinclient vendors, also began to we virtualize this and that. C'mon people, you are a thin client, what is there to virtualize? A protocol maybe
delivery of Desktop? or XenApp or Terminal Server sessions? Well, newsflash, where have you been the last 15 years? We've been doing that for a loong time now. Thin Clients should do ONE thing, and ONE thing only,
deliver a user the best experience whatever protocol or needs that user has. Well, what am I rambling about you may ask? While the likes of Citrix,Microsoft,Oracle and VMware have evolved the virtualization scene, with
new versions, free versions, management, free management and so on, the Thin Client vendors have been talking about virtualization also. Take Wyse, I love Wyse thin clients and TCX and all their stuff, but come on, they recently released something
called Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA), which sounds cool and I will defenetly take a look at it. But, there you have it again, Virtual Desktop, okay, yes, you are doing something to a virtual desktop, oh and yes
you use ICA or RDP to connect to it. Using ICA or RDP protocols, and then you build something ontop or around those protocols to enhance the user experience. Good stuff, but are you Virtual? To some extent yes, but really
if you think of Virtualization as a virtual machine running in a datacenter, NO YOU ARE NOT Virtual. It should have been called Wyse Desktop Accelerator (WDA) or something else, not just the Virtual word... you are enhancing
the user experience from something that is virtualized, that's what you do. So keep on doing that, evolving and making the user experience better and better for the Thin Client users, and skip the Virtual hype part. I agree as I said, that you are to some extent virtual, but a thin client is a thin client, and it's sure as h¤## not virtual or is it? Thoughts please...


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