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Citrix Receiver App for iPad Now Available on App Store

Citrix Systems today announced two new iPad apps, Citrix ReceiverCitrix Receiver and Citrix GoToMeetingCitrix  GoToMeeting , are now available on the App Store. The Citrix Receiver App for iPad makes it easy for iPad owners to take a virtual office with them anywhere they go by providing secure access to all of their corporate applications and documents. The Citrix GoToMeeting App for iPad brings the same level of simplicity to the world of business meetings, making it easy for iPad owners to collaborate from anywhere via online meetings that are both effortless and visually stunning.

“The iPad is ideal for mobile business use as a complement to the corporate desktop,” said Mark Templeton, president and CEO, Citrix Systems. “These Citrix Apps for iPad make it possible for teleworkers in any industry to get easy access to their corporate resources and collaborate wherever they are located, giving the business consumer the power of choice.”

The Citrix Receiver and Citrix GoToMeeting Apps for iPad are available for free from the App Store on iPad or at

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