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How to Determine the Version of the Installed EdgeSight Agent

The agent is a multi-product architecture with a core component and an extension component.
The only extension component available is EdgeSight so this is more commonly referred to as
simply the EdgeSight version. Because of these two components, you might see two different
version numbers reported by the EdgeSight Agent.

Below are the EdgeSight Agent versions as of December 10, 2008:

EdgeSight Agent 4.2 GA
Core          4.2.2866
EdgeSight     4.2.2902

EdgeSight Agent 4.2 SP1
Core          4.2.2879
EdgeSight     4.2.2922

EdgeSight Agent 4.2 SP2
Core          4.2.2888
EdgeSight     4.2.2928

EdgeSight Agent 4.2 SP3
Core          4.2.2896
EdgeSight     4.2.2937

EdgeSight Agent 4.5 GA
Core          4.5.3237
EdgeSight     4.5.3244

EdgeSight Agent 4.5 SP1
Core          4.5.3253
EdgeSight     4.5.3261

EdgeSight Agent 4.5 SP2
Core          4.5.3267
EdgeSight     4.5.3281

EdgeSight Agent 4.5 SP4
Core          4.5.3275
EdgeSight     4.5.3295

EdgeSight Agent 5.0.1

EdgeSight Agent 5.0 SP1

EdgeSight Agent 5.1
EdgeSight     5.1.1104.0

How to:

The first place to look for the EdgeSight Agent version is in the EdgeSight Server Console under
Company Settings > Server > Device Management > Devices
. From the Show: drop-down menu, select Speed\EdgeSight Version.

This example shows EdgeSight version (extension) 4.2.2928.0, which means EdgeSight Agent version 4.2 Service Pack 2 is in use.

To see the EdgeSight (extension) and core versions, view the SYS_EVENT_TXT.txt file on the EdgeSight Agent device. In this file, both
the EdgeSight (extension) and core versions are recorded when the agent starts. Upon startup, the first line that it writes to this log file
contains the EdgeSight core version. Below is an example of this reporting EdgeSight core version for 4.2 Service Pack 3:

2007-05-21 00:08:34   Core    Service        ----- Starting Agent on CPS-22 version 4.2.2896.0 -----

Approximately 14 lines down, the EdgeSight (extension) version is also reported. Below is an example of this reporting EdgeSight (extension) version for 4.2 Service Pack 3:

2007-05-21 00:10:30 EdgeSight Extension        Initializing EdgeSight version 4.2.2937.0


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