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Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0 Service Pack 2

This is a must upgrade! I have installed many CPVS 5.0 at customers and the SP2 fixes many problems related to AD and Windows 2008 support.

Product Fixes

This product release supercedes and includes 5.0 SP1 and 5.0 SP1a. In addition to all the fixes in 5.0 SP1 and 5.0 SP1a releases, SP2 also contains fixes for the following issues:

    • TR-7977: Occasionally fails to add AD clients in a multi-DC environment.

    • TR-7979: GetComputerName only works in NetBIOS environements.

    • TR-7990: PVS uses GetComputerName in several places, which only works in NetBIOS environments.

    • TR-8005: KDC errors -Duplicate SPN errors after upgrading to PVS 5.0 SP1a.

    • TR-8006: Wrong SPN created for computer account in AD.

    • TR-8011: Cannot log in as domain administrator while using fresh copy of a vdisk.

    • TR-8052: Fix adding clients to AD on sibling domains.

    • TR-8053: Make client-side machine password changes run in minutes or hours, instead of days.

    • TR-8059: Device fails to reset password because it does not retrieve domain name properly.

    • TR-8064: Streamprocess writecache path list is not correct when wcpath values exist in both the serverCache and serverStoreCache tables.

    • TR-8070: Adding auth groups to the farm through the MCLI from a very large Active Directory database (60k+ groups) is failing.

Product Enhancements

    • Enhanced licensing to support streaming of Citrix XenApp Platinum*

    • Enhanced licensing to support streaming of Citrix Essentials for Hyper-V*

    • Support for streaming a Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 Target Device.

    *For more information on Citrix Licensing please refer to the End User License Agreement available on the Citrix Support siteCitrix Support site.


To download the Service Pack 2 for Provisioning Server 5.0(must login with account)



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