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How to upgrade from Provisioning Server 5.0 to 5.1

Use the process below to upgrade to 5.1 - this is from the install guide. This can not be done in real-time.

WARNING! : Back up your database and vDisk file before upgrading.

Server Upgrade
1. Uninstall the previous version of the product software on the server, then reboot the server
2. Run the new version of the Provisioning Server installer to install the Provisioning Services software.
3. Run the Configuration Wizard. Select Farm already configured. Running the wizard will start the services

vDisk upgrade
Boot VHD formatted vDisks in Private Image mode.
1. Assign the VHD formatted vDisk to the target device that will be used to upgrade. This target device may be placed in a separate Console view to avoid confusing it with another target device.
2. Change the target device vDisk to Private Image mode.
3. PXE boot the target device from the vDisk.

Upgrade target device product software on a Master Target Device
1. From the product CD, on the target device, depending on the device platform, run either: PVS_UpgradeWizard.exe or PVS_UpgradeWizard_x64.exe
2. Copy the Upgrade Manager executable that is specific to your current product version, from the target device installation directory, to the Provisioning Services installation directory on the Provisioning Server.
3. Run the Upgrade Manager on the Provisioning Server.
4. On the target device, run UpgradeConfig.exe from the shortcut in the Windows Start menu.
5. Specify a local account with Administrator privileges. This local account cannot have an empty password.
6. Specify the destination drive to which the vDisk will be cloned. It is recommended that you use the original machine (master target device) from which the vDisk was created.
7. Specify the Provisioning Server IP address and a user account and password to connect to UpgradeManager. This account cannot have an empty password.
8. Click OK and the UpgradeConfig performs a sanity check.
9. The machine will reboot several times, and Upgrade Manager displays a message to indicate that the upgrade process has completed successfully.


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