2X ApplicationServer Single Farm Two-Site Setup

To setup a single terminal server farm, with two sites for failover configuration, you would lay out the system in the following manner:

2FarmActiveBackupNoLB Edited














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Site 1

Site 1 uses a Secure Client Gateway server connecting to the Master Publishing Agent (MPA) and terminal servers. The MPA can be setup in one of two ways.

Site 2

Site 2 uses a Secure Client Gateway server connecting to the Backup Publishing Agent (BPA) and terminal servers.

2X Client

The 2X Client’s Connection Proprieties would then be configured to have Site 1 serve as the Primary Connection, and Site 2 set up as the Secondary Connection.

The terminal servers in Site 1 have 2X TS Agents installed.  If installing 2X TS Agents on the servers in Site 1 with installed applications, the 2X TS Agent must also be installed on Site 2’s terminal servers once the failover has begun, adding time to the failover process.

* Terminal servers at both sites can have 2X TS Agents installed.  With this setup, 2X TS Agents would be already installed, but inactive in the server farm.  With MPA failure, the BPA would be promoted to Master, Site 1 terminal servers would be deactivated from the farm, and the Site 2 terminal servers would be activated.



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