A Nightmare on Desktop Virtualization Street

I was in a customer meeting just the other day, it would be just like any other customer meeting except for the fact that when I touched the topic on Desktop Virtualization, the customer jumped in their chairs, and told me that that topic was not interesting for them. Now, that was a new one, customer tend to listen to the new technology like Virtual desktops.

The customer told me that VMware had been around a couple of weeks earlier and talked about their View 4.0 product, and what seemed to be promising, when it came to demo, there is another story.
They tried to demo the product, but simple things as showing Flash in a Web Browser and videos from the internet, it just failed. The customer told me that I could just talk about something else, because they had VMware in the data center, so if they could not do it, then nobody can.

Well, I told them: “Let me prove you wrong!” They went like, don’t waste your time on that, and I said, you are in for a real surprise!
What I did was pull up a Windows 7 and Windows XP Desktop from my Citrix Access Gateway. Logged in, both at the same time, and started the show. First I did a 3D App, then a demo with the heavy duty transformersthemovie.com website (FULLY FLASH site), then I went on to go on YouTube and show them the Big Buck Bunny video in High Definition (HD). The customer was silent, you know like when you see something for the first time, and you are a bit amazed by the fact that every presumption you had about something just went off the cliff together with you… Well, that kind of a feeling was what I got, and when I asked the customer if they would like to see anything else they said: ” Ahhhmmmm, nope, you’ve just showed us a new world of thinking…” I said: “You are welcome, but you haven’t seen me do my presentation thru my XenDesktop session with my pointer device. So, I did just that, and while at it, I used an usb stick, to show them the plug-n-play capability of the Citrix HDX Technology.

So, why the title like the Freddy Krueger movie from back in the 70s and 80s(now also just released in a new film), because you need to show the customer how this doesn’t become a nightmare, let alone don’t speak of a product that can’t live up to the expectations that you set, during a customer meeting. I have one rule, seeing is believing, and if I can’t show my customers stuff, then why bother talking about it?

So, please please please, VMware and other Desktop Virtualization vendors do not ruin the customers with bad demos and presentations that promise a lot, but don’t deliver. Why, because you basically ruin the chance for vendors that actually have a kick ass product that works great.

To sum up, for now, Citrix has an edge with their XenDesktop 4 Feature Pack 1 product, the other vendors probably will come closer in time, but did I mention the problem with VDI or Virtual Desktops? Yeah, you guessed it, what about Offline mode? Well, you’ve seen the YouTube and Citrix TV videos of XenClient right? NO?
Check them out here:

XenClient over at Citrix.com/tv

I guess if you are going to Citrix Synergy 2010 in San Francisco, then you’ve seen the Agenda, and you’ve found out that there is a lot around the Citrix XenClient

See you all in San Francisco!


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