Citrix Access Gateway 10.0 Enterprise Edition Appliance Software released

Citrix Access Gateway is the only remote access solution to securely deliver any application with policy-based SmartAccess control. Access Gateway Enterprise Edition provides remote access for the most demanding and complex environments that require increased scalability and performance. This release builds on the existing enterprise-class remote access, and offers new features such as support for the new HDX standard, support for new security standards and improvements on many other fronts. One of the major focus areas, for 10.0 release has been to simplify the end user experience and enable complex configurations in as few clicks as possible.

Access Gateway 10.0 Enterprise Edition is available for the following hardware platform:

  • Access Gateway MPX 5500 appliance

What’s new:

  • When you first install Access Gateway and log on to the configuration utility for the first time, the Setup Wizard does not start automatically. To start the Setup Wizard, in the navigation pane, click System and then in the details pane, click Setup Wizard.

  • You can configure a forced time-out to disconnect the Access Gateway Plug-in automatically with a value (in minutes) that exceeds 255. You can now enter a value as high as 3,000 (in minutes, which is equivalent to 50 hours).


Click here to learn more and download (requires a valid account )

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