Citrix Optimizer 2.5 released

Citrix Optimizer

The Citrix Optimizer is a Windows tool to help Citrix administrators optimize various components in their environment, most notably operating system with Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA). The tool is PowerShell based, but also includes a graphical UI.

Citrix Optimizer can run in three different modes:

  • Analyze – analyze the current system against a specified template and display any differences
  • Execute – apply the optimizations from the template
  • Rollback (available in PowerShell mode only) – revert the optimization changes applied previously

Here is what´s new in version 2.5:

  • Added module to remove Windows Features
  • Added ability to disable modes for template
  • Added support for conditional processing on template, group or entry level
  • Added support for smart selection for Services, Windows Features, UWP and Scheduled Tasks
  • Added option to delete registry in template builder
  • Added support for Default User modifications (HKDU)
  • Added support for template auto-select in UI
  • Add support for PowerShell code testing in UI
  • Added protection for official Citrix templates
  • Added support for automatically check for new templates on startup
  • Many improvements and bug fixes for Template Builder and Marketplace
  • Enhanced HTML reports, add support for URLs in many sections

Click here to download the Citrix Optimizer