Citrix redesigns GoToMeeting

Citrix has done a redesign to fuel the user experience for 
GoToMeeting. This makes it even simpler to hold high-definition online meetings with colleagues, customers and friends from anywhere in the world. The traditional definition of “meeting” is challenged by the new GoToMeeting with more productivity app integrations, personalization that lets users work the way they want and a richer experience, so they can stay connected with colleagues in real-time.

New Citrix research reveals that people use on average up to five different devices for work, meaning they need to quickly move from one device to the next without losing productivity. The new features announced today improve the GoToMeeting experience across the PC, Mac, mobile and browser to accommodate different work styles.

Recent GoToMeeting enhancements that improve the PC, Mac, browser and mobile experience and are available worldwide now, include:

Desktop Experience

  • GoToMeeting Control Panel –PC users have a more intuitive interface that is customizable– all designed to simplify the way attendees and organizers collaborate in real-time.         
  • – Mac and PC users can now experience personalized meeting rooms, and create their own meeting destination URLs.
  • Handoff – With Handoff, Mac users can easily flow from a meeting on iPad or iPhone to a desktop without having to reconnect.
  • Instant Join – GoToMeeting web app users on Chrome experience the benefit of simple, easy-to-join meetings
  • GoToMeeting for Google Calendar and Outlook – Google and Outlook users can schedule meetings directly from a calendar invitation without having to open the application.  

Mobile Experience

  • Android Mobile App – Android users can join or leave a meeting with one click on their smartwatch without having to use a mobile device.
  • One-Touch Dialer and Quick Join – As an alternative to Internet audio in low-bandwidth areas, One-Touch Dialer for iPhone and Android allows users to join a GoToMeeting, in one click. Quick Join displays upcoming meetings on the app screen, allowing users to join with the touch of a button.
  • iOS Language Support – GoToMeeting is available in all major languages including Brazilian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish for iPhone and iPad. These GoToMeeting mobile and desktop features are currently available worldwide.


Supporting over 50 million online meeting last year, GoToMeeting is trusted by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. According to recent data from Techvalidate, 83 percent of users are likely to recommend GoToMeeting