Citrix says their Project Mercury boosts HDX performance on the WAN

Citrix has always led the pack in performance of desktop virtualization over WAN connections, and now project Mercury is extending that lead even more. They are giving HDX WAN Optimization, HDX RealTime and HDX MediaStream a “boost of Nitro“!

As you know, HDX WAN Optimization works with our Branch Repeater product to give workers in satellite offices a high definition user experience despite the typically limited bandwidth connections that exist between the data center and these remote locations. Technologies such as TCP flow control, tokenized compression and caching, multi-session data de-duplication and protocol acceleration already contribute to very responsive performance while minimizing costs thanks to best-in-class bandwidth efficiency. Project Mercury will take this even farther, giving administrators greater control and flexibility in prioritizing multiple streams of data to ensure that HDX RealTime traffic such as VoIP gets preferential treatment over the network. These enhancements will provide customers unprecedented levels of visibility into different types of applications traffic within the ICA protocol, and an unsurpassed ability to identify, prioritize (QoS) and accelerate different applications, within and across multiple ICA streams and multiple users. Leveraging advanced QoS techniques, deep inspection and adaptive orchestration, this will allow customers to deliver an HDX experience to their branch office workers for any desktop or application, including real-time voice, video and multimedia, under a full range of network conditions.

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