Citrix ShareConnect released

Citrix has released a new remote access experience for your tablet, one that won’t limit you to mere consumption of files or scaled down apps that don’t really get the job done, but instead beams fully functioning desktop power to your iPad or Android tablet in way that feels like it was made for your fingertips. When you sign up for ShareConnect, you’ll also receive 1 GB of free cloud storage from Citrix ShareFile, the secure and easy-to-use file-sharing service used by more than 16 million people around the world.



Your personal ShareFile account allows you to access, store and share files anytime, anywhere, from any computer or mobile device. This means you always have your files at your fingertips when you need them — even if you’re on your iPad and your connected computer is powered off.



  • Access and edit files: ShareConnect automatically monitors your desktop and displays the most recent files worked on, enabling users to access and edit those files on native desktop applications while on the business network, if needed.
  • Business networks a tap away: Network access is built into the ShareConnect app allowing workers to run resource-intensive desktop programs typically available only on the company network. The desktop processing power needed to smoothly run CAD programs, Illustrator or proprietary legacy applications is now seamless from Android and iOS tablets.
  • Clean innovative design: Desktop PC applications are optimized for the iPad and Android OS, opening in full screen mode, so employees can get right to work. Swipe, pinch and zoom functionality, full keyboard control and the ability to preview and edit Microsoft Office files create a true desktop-like experience even when outside the office.
  • Free storage: ShareConnect provides 1 GB of free cloud storage from Citrix ShareFile, the secure and simple file-sharing tool used by more than 15 million people around the world.

ShareConnect is a new app that gives you the ability to securely access apps, documents and files stored on different computers, so your work seamlessly continues no matter how many devices you use in a day. The best part is, desktops look and feel like native tablet apps and perform just as smoothly.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for Citrix ShareConnect