Citrix Topology View for Goliath Performance Monitor

Citrix Topology View for Goliath Performance Monitor
Automatically map and view the heath of your entire Citrix infrastructure from a single console. It gives Citrix administrators to ability to pinpoint root cause of end user issues at a glance.

Key Features of the Goliath Topology View for Citrix Monitoring:

Central Console

  • Graphically track Citrix end user experience and resource consumption at the infrastructure, delivery group, machine catalog, cluster, and host level to isolate fault domain.
  • Color coded visibility between errors, faults, and performance, between each layer of the infrastructure.

Automated Mapping

  • Deep visibility into the relationships between infrastructure, resources, and users regardless the size of your environment.
  • Quickly pinpoint fault domains such as active directory controllers, SQL, hypervisor and more.

Pre-Configured Drilldown

  • Identify root cause with Real-Time alerting to pinpoint components impacted by faults, resource availability, and end user experience issues.
  • Complete view of the health of each delivery group and machine catalog to isolate user versus infrastructure oriented problems.