Citrix updates Secure Gateway to version 3.1.4 for Windows

Citrix has updated their Secure Gateway to version 3.1.4 for Windows.

Here is a quick overview of what’s new in this release:

  1. With Session Reliability enabled, Event IDs 184 and 185 (ICA connection open and close) fail to be logged in the Event Viewer of the Secure Gateway server.

  2. Secure Gateway fails to delete expired logs configured for automatic cleanup using Rotatelogs (as described in Knowledge Center article CTX107583).

  3. With several instances of the Secure Gateway Management Console open at the same time, only the first instance of the console that was opened displays data; all instances of the console that are opened later do not display any data. While this behavior is as designed and the console displays an error message indicating the issue, the error message is easily overlooked. This fix introduces an obvious error message pop-up explaining the behavior.

  4. This fix addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX123359.

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