HYCU for Enterprise Clouds 4.1 what´s new

HYCU for Enterprise Clouds 4.1 what´s new

In this video HYCU digs into what´s new in their HYCU for Enterprise Clouds 4.1. To expand the use of HYCU in Nutanix-led datacenters and to maniacally focus on simplifying data protection management even further, HYCU have been working closely with all of their customers and HYCU 4.1 is the result of that collaboration. Their latest solution is 100% customer driven.

Cost Efficient Rapid Recovery

Nutanix users with HYCU have from the beginning had the ability to perform fast restores using Nutanix snapshots without any additional configuration. With HYCU 4.1, HYCU is extending this Fast File/Directory Restore capability even when the data is not on snapshots, but on any local or remote backup targets (including cloud storage). This means lower network bandwidth, reduced egress charges, faster restores and zero anxiety during data loss situations.

Set and Forget Automation

Datacenters that are all about IaaS are increasingly leaning towards a unified management and automation strategy. HYCU believes in data protection being an invisible service of the platform. With HYCU 4.1’s context-aware ability, you can simply automate the protection of every VM in the environment with automatic protection based on tags and categories defined in Nutanix Prism or VMware vCenter. This completely negates the need to individually manage Data Protection policy settings, further simplifying the overall management process. Also, with HYCU 4.1’s VM mobility awareness capability, HYCU can maintain the VM Backup Data as it migrates across clusters and assure compliance to its data protection policy.