Infrastructure Monitoring Operations guide for XenApp, XenDesktop and Provisioning Services

Citrix Consulting Services has released a new XenDesktop, XenApp or Provisioning Services whitepaper. After a XenApp, XenDesktop or Provisioning Services environment has been designed and rolled out to production, ongoing monitoring is required. Monitoring the new environment enables administrators to address issues proactively.  By having an in-depth understanding of current and expected behavior of the various components, administrators are better equipped to discover an issue before it impacts the user community. Furthermore the data tracked during normal operations can be used for trending and capacity planning.

Citrix recommends implementing a monitoring solution, which covers all aspects of an IT environment and allows aggregating all captured data within a single tool or console. This simplifies correlating events or counters of multiple components and enables administrators to easily get an end to end overview. This can decrease the time required to determine the root cause of an issue significantly.

The remaining sections of this document identify the components, performance counters and events which should be monitored during normal operations. Furthermore basic remediation strategies will be provided.

What’s in this whitepaper:

  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Within this section details about monitoring key infrastructure components are shared. 
  • Performance Monitoring: This section outlines the key performance counters, which should be tracked within every environment. Furthermore troubleshooting and remediation strategies as well as growth tracking will be discussed.
  • Event Monitoring: Within this section monitoring of the Windows event log is discussed and links to event log reference documentations are provided.
  • Windows Services: This section outlines the Citrix and Windows services which play a critical role within XenDesktop, XenApp or Provisioning Services environments. In addition information about the criticality of every service is provided.
  • Availability Monitoring: Options for monitoring the functionality of services leveraging additional Citrix products or features is discussed within this section. In addition information about the impact of an outage of specific Citrix components is provided.

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