Nutanix X-Ray 2.2 Demo

Nutanix X-Ray provides customers choosing to adopt hyperconverged infrastructure with an agnostic tool to understand platform strengths and weaknesses through real-world performance and stability testing. Release 2.2 introduces user-definable test scenarios, for a bring-your-own-workloads approach to HCI testing.

Nutanix X-Ray is an automated testing framework and benchmarking application for enterprise grade data centers. This testing framework is a downloadable VM with a Nutanix-style user interface and complete documentation. Once installed, Nutanix X-Ray can test and analyse several different systems and report comparable information for your use. This application provides test scenarios that cover real-world use cases. These use cases are highly applicable for hyperconverged platforms because they demonstrate variations in areas such as performance, data integrity, and availability. The following areas are covered in the X-Ray test scenarios.

  • Availability

    X-Ray tests how a hyperconverged solution tolerates a node failure during a workload. Consistent performance and stability tests the system’s availability and the management fabric’s failure tolerance.

  • Realistic Performance

    X-Ray tests the system’s solution to handle mixed workloads. The solution can include running databases on a single node, simultaneously running VDI workloads on multiple nodes, mixing VM snapshot, VDI boot storms, VM provisioning, and multiple workloads or stability over an extended period of time.

  • Feature Set

    Ideal features include clones for VM provisioning, deduplication, compression, VAAI support, native VM-level replication, 1-click software and hypervisor upgrades, BIOS/drives, compatibility with multiple hypervisors and the ability to migrate and convert between hypervisors with the same solution.

  • Data Integrity

    Data integrity is key for any storage device or file system by avoiding loss or corruption. This application tests the data’s safety during power outages or component failures.​

Deploy X-Ray on a utility node, laptop, or other location connected to (but independent of) your test hardware.

Note: X-Ray runs one test scenario per target at a time.

Note: X-Ray does not support clusters with less than four nodes.