Selecting a Citrix Monitoring Solution?

Selecting a Citrix Monitoring Vendor

If you are validating a Citrix Monitoring Solution and you have a Citrix environment there will come a time when you have to troubleshoot an issue or two– an obvious understatement.

As an IT Administrator and Consultant I often found my monitoring solution would give me performance metrics but wouldn’t help me troubleshoot the root cause of a performance issue because they just didn’t get enough detail and couldn’t deliver it in a way that allowed me to avoid an issue or objectively prove root cause. Frustrated, I thought of all the missing data, blind spots and failure points and developed a series of 26 questions that would determine, before I purchased a solution, if the vendor could get the specific details and render them in such a way that I would be able to isolate root cause and resolve the issues I had experienced. In other words, IF the vendor WOULD be able to troubleshoot an issue when the time came.

Every monitoring vendor says that they can monitor everything—HDX, Logon Process, End User Experience—but the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details. So, I tell the vendor to put aside the marketing feature presentation and just tell me if they can do the following 26 things. It is in a Yes/No answer form because I want problems avoided or fixed. No credit for “partial” SLA’s in IT.

Citrix Monitoring Solution

Don’t just Monitor Citrix XenApp passively! Be Proactive with a XenApp Monitoring solution that gives you the deep and broad metrics that will allow you to not just Monitor XenApp but be alerted to end user experience issues before they impact users. Then, if there is an issue you get the detailed Citrix XenApp Monitoring data you need to isolate root cause for quick troubleshooting and resolution. Citrix Monitoring Solution´s are key to getting a good user experience for your customers.

Vendor Scorecard: Citrix Troubleshooting XenApp 6.5 – XenDesktop 7.x

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