StarWind iSCSi SAN 6.0 beta version available

StarWind iSCSi SAN 6.0 (beta version), enhanced by three-nodes High Availability (HA) architecture –  is available now.

StarWind SAN

New Features and Improvements

High Availability:

  • Management functions for HA device nodes. You can add new node to HA device, remove or switch existing nodes without recreating the whole HA device. 
  • High availbility device can use other types of StarWind devices for storing data. It can be deduplicated device, thin-provisioned IBV device, or DiskBridge device.

Deduplicated disk:

  • Asynchronous replication of deduplicated storage. Any iSCSI target can be used as a destination storage for replication.


  • Backup and management for VMWare ESX virtual machines.
  • Some additional features in Backup and management for Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • New GUI (integrated to StarWind management console) to manage backup process.
  • Simplified process of connection to ESX and Hyper-V servers.

StarWind 6.0 beta is ready for download from the following link: