2X ThinClientServer 6.2 Webinar

As part of 2X’s Partner Training webinar series, here is a recent webinar on the 2X ThinClientServer 6.2, hosted by Billy Phillips, a member of our 2X Support staff:

As mentioned elsewhere, the key features of the 2X ThinClientServer 6.2 include:

  • VMware View VDI client support
  • VNC client support
  • Hardware-accelerated support for Citrix Rave
  • Full redundancy and backup
  • Advanced master/slave concept
  • Detailed auditing of all management modifications
  • Real-time TCS monitoring for administrators
  • Extended hardware support
  • Improved 2X ThinClientOS desktop experience
  • Updated login screen with reboot and shutdown options
  • Webcam support
  • Local and remote volume controls
  • Customizable SNMP community string