A collection of Microsoft Hyper-V Tools

Here is a list of good Hyper-V Tools. Some of them also gives you the ability to use them with Citrix XenServer, since they are based on the VHD image format.


Creates a Windows Server 2008/Vista/Win7 VHD from media in 5 minutes.


Command-line tool for VHD manipulation including instant creation of large fixed-size VHDs

Hyper-V PowerShell library

PowerShell Library for Hyper-V, simplify Hyper-V scripting


Server Core/Hyper-V Server configuration interface


Configures servers and clients for remote management of Hyper-V in both workgroup and domain environments


Tool for modifying network bindings from the command line


Tool for removing Hyper-V Virtual Networking Configuration from the parent partition


Simplify the creation of bootable Hyper-V Server USB drives

VM Migration Test Wizard

Discovers which hosts need the “Enable Processor compat” option for Live Migration