Citrix announces Branch Repeater Promotion for XenDesktop customers

This promotion has now expired (end of 2010). But wait it gets better. XenDesktop Platinum now includes free HDX WAN Optimization powered by Branch Repeater VPX. Check the most recent announcement on Feb 14th: Citrix XenDesktop Gets “WAN-tastic”

Branch Repeater promotion was announced today for our Citrix XenDesktop customers. You add Branch Repeater datacenter appliances to your XenDesktop in the datacenter, and we will provide you a total of two free Branch Repeater VPX-10 virtual appliances so you can accelerate the delivery of virtual desktops to workers in two branch offices anywhere – for free! Any new or existing XenDesktop customer can benefit from this promotion. With today’s announcement, Citrix will help our XenDesktop customers and pioneers make the delivery of XenDesktop to branch offices simpler, faster and more affordable.

Last month’s launch of Branch Repeater VPX— a software-based virtual appliance – has captured the imagination and interest of Citrix XenDesktop customers. More than 1,000 VPX downloads in barely a month highlight the latent demand for and interest in using Branch Repeater for accelerating the ROI of desktop virtualization projects.

Why don’t you find out for yourselves what more than a 1000 pioneers ─ who downloaded Branch Repeater VPX ─ know? Try it out – for free – at or on your MyCitrix account.

Any XenDesktop customer can purchase any of the following hardware or virtual appliances for the datacenter and accelerate XenDesktop to two branch offices free with two free Branch Repeater VPX-10 licenses:
Perpetual licenses of Branch Repeater VPX-45 (virtual appliance)
Perpetual licenses of Repeater 8520 (single or HA pair)
Perpetual licenses of Repeater 8540 (single or HA pair)
Perpetual licenses of Repeater 8820 (single or HA pair)

Branch Repeater VPX-10 helps optimize and accelerate desktops and applications to branch offices with up to 10Mbps WAN (wide-area network) links, the equivalent of more than six T1 lines.

The promotion is effective May 10, 2010 worldwide (except in ANZ territory where it will be effective July 1, 2010) and will be available through Dec 31, 2010. The qualifying Branch Repeater purchase may occur either on the same order as XenDesktop licenses (new XenDesktop customers) or on a separate order following the purchase of XenDesktop licenses (existing XenDesktop customers), by Dec 31, 2010.

For more details of the promotion, please visit the promotion offer site, contact your Citrix sales or solutions representative, or your partner representative.