Citrix Branch Repeater 5.7

Branch Repeater 5.7 Ships – Accelerates SSL, More Mobile Users & Broader Branch Microsoft IT. Increases Security & Enables Compliance

Here is a quick overview on what’s new:

Enhanced security and Acceleration of SSL traffic: This release enables organizations to deliver a high-definition HDX experience, while increasing security, to their mobile and branch office users by optimizing and accelerating both SSL-encrypted and non-SSL encrypted desktop, application and web traffic.

  • SSL/HTTPS Acceleration for SSL-encrypted (ICA) XenDesktop and XenApp traffic, and secure web apps (eg: Microsoft SharePoint over HTTPS). Note SSL acceleration is available for both branch office users (appliance-to-appliance traffic) and mobile users (software client/plugin to appliance traffic).
  • Secure data in motion by providing organizations an option to encrypt all (non-SSL) TCP ¬†traffic across WAN.
  • Secure data at rest by enabling organizations to encrypt sensitive data stored in compression histories on hard disks with strong AES 256-bit encryption. This release also offers customers the option to encrypt non-SSL data stored on the disk. Many customers have told us about their experiences with limited physical security in remote branch offices; for such situations disk encryption becomes critical for compliance with various security mandates and government regulations.

Broader and deeper innovations and optimizations for Microsoft environments:

  • Branch Repeater with Windows Server 2008 R2 broadens the choice of Microsoft operating systems customers have when optimizing branch office infrastructure with consolidated Windows+WAN optimization appliances. This further enables customers who want to accelerate their server-less branch initiatives.
  • Repeater Plug-in (software client) for 64-bit Windows 7 helps accelerate virtual desktops and applications, and web applications – SSL or non-SSL, to a broader segment of mobile users.


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