Citrix Breaks Virtual Appliance Performance Barrier, Unleashes Cloud Scalability in the Datacenter

15 Gbps NetScaler VPX Performance Demonstrated Using Intel Ethernet SR-IOV Technology

SANTA CLARA, CA » 4/27/2010 » Today at the Interop 2010 conference in Las Vegas, Citrix Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXS) announced a 3 Gbps version of its popular NetScaler® VPX™ virtual appliance.  With a 3X increase in performance, NetScaler VPX brings cloud-level scalability and elasticity to the growing number of enterprises virtualizing their application delivery infrastructures. Already the industry’s leading application delivery and load balancing virtual appliance, NetScaler VPX now supports intensive 3 Gbps workloads using off-the-shelf servers to greatly expand the number and variety of applications that can be delivered by a completely virtualized solution. Additionally, NetScaler VPX has demonstrated the capability to support up to 15 Gbps by leveraging Intel® Ethernet SR-IOV technology, thus extending the performance of virtual appliances into the realm traditionally dominated by hardware-based appliances. The increased scalability of this software-based solution combined with the flexibility of “Pay-as-You-Grow” pricing allows enterprise customers to deploy NetScaler VPX, on demand and scale performance up to 3 Gbps, with a simple license upgrade.

Key Facts and Highlights:

  • NetScaler VPX-3000 (3 Gbps) will be available later in Q2 2010. Higher performance VPX models are also planned for release in the second half of 2010.
  • Citrix brings cloud elasticity and scale to the datacenter by increasing the performance of its NetScaler VPX virtual appliance by 3X previous performance levels.
  • The new VPX offering embraces Pay-as-you-Grow pricing to provide customers with licensing flexibility
  • NetScaler VPX demonstrates 15 Gbps performance using Intel® Ethernet SR-IOV technology


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