Citrix Casting now available for multiple platforms


Citrix Casting provides a number of configurations that enable new use cases with significant advantages over a traditional PC or thin client. If you are using or testing the Citrix Ready Workspace Hub or its predecessor, the HDX Ready Pi, you now have exciting new features to evaluate. Citrix Ready workspace hub enables Citrix Casting, which makes it possible to securely roam and cast a mobile session, and mirror your desktop display. To roam your session, enter the proximity authentication range or scan the QR code on the hub. Session casting, however, requires that you open the session on the mobile device and then trigger the QR code to transfer it. For Mac and Windows, you can only mirror the screen to the hub. Session roaming and session casting are not available on these platforms.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub combines digital and physical environments to deliver apps and data within a secure smart space. The complete system connects devices (or things), like mobile apps and sensors, to create an intelligent and responsive environment.

Citrix Ready workspace hub is built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform and becomes a robust service delivered through Citrix Cloud. Citrix Ready workspace hub users can authenticate their mobile device through Citrix Workspace app to run published apps or desktops. For example, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Content Collaboration, and Microsoft Outlook. The mobile device then connects to the Citrix Ready workspace hub and casts the desktop or app on a larger display.

Citrix Ready workspace hub enables Citrix Casting, which offers three use cases that improve user productivity and collaboration.

  • Session roaming – A Citrix session roams from the mobile device to the workspace hub.
  • Session casting – Users redirect the display of a remote session from their client device to an unoccupied hub.
  • Screen casting – Users mirror their desktop display to the hub without launching a remote session.

Citrix Casting uses beacon detection or a QR code scanner for connecting. With beacon detection, if multiple Citrix Ready workspace hubs are available, the user must select the appropriate hub. Alternatively, a QR code scanner provides security to mitigate unintentional casting to the wrong display.

Also, administrators can set up their environment with multiple display monitors by using a secondary display adapter (SDA). Doing so enables end users to extend the desktop or app in both use cases.

From an iPhone or Android Smartphone

Authenticate on mobile with biometric authentication, then point the phone to the QR code on a Workspace Hub. Receiver/Workspace launches a session instantly. This can be considered roaming, but note that authentication is only required on the phone, not a full session. You can use the phone to make calls and more with no impact, and the Workspace Hub has all the capability of a thin client, including peripheral and multimonitor support. This feature is ideal for any shared workstation scenario where employees roam often inside a workplace and would benefit from fast access with no hassles.

From an iPad or Android Tablet

Authenticate and launch a local Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) session and use while mobile. Then, when near a Workspace Hub, you can point the camera at the QR code on a Workspace Hub and the video is redirected (cast) to display on the Hub. You can also the full-size keyboard/mouse on the hub, which provides a better experience when at a workstation. When a user leaves, a simple two-finger swipe down redirects the video back to the tablet to go mobile again. This feature is ideal when a user needs CVAD to be mobile and provides an optimal experience when stationary.

From a Windows Laptop (including Surface) or a Mac

Citrix Casting is now a feature of the Workspace app and enables instant video casting to any nearby Workspace Hub. This feature allows mirroring from a Mac with no Apple TV required! From a Windows laptop, users can cast in mirror mode or use multi-monitor mode, enabling the Workspace Hub to act as an extending monitor with no separate WiFi dock required. Laptops with Bluetooth enabled allow the beacon from the Hub to identify itself and show which Hubs are nearby. Simply click and cast. This new casting feature is ideal for shared workstations where many users may want to also use their laptop. It also works great in conference rooms with instant sharing to a large display connected to a Workspace Hub. No more dongle hell!

This set of features highlights the unique capabilities of the Workspace Hub, while also keeping the ability to use it a standard thin client or PC replacement. The devices come with a basic device-management capability and can also be centrally managed by Citrix Endpoint Management. Depending on the use case, there are also configurations that leverage beacon proximity as an alternative to the QR code and walkaway session disconnection. To enable Citrix Casting go to the Workspace App settings and turn on. Note you will need to be on the same network for casting across devices.