Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall gains good rating in NSS Labs Web Application Firewall Test

Citrix has announced that the NetScaler AppFirewall web application security solution has completed testing by NSS Labs, the world’s leading information security research and advisory company. The results from the industry’s most comprehensive web application firewall (WAF) test revealed that NetScaler AppFirewall delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) per Protected Mbps.
In today’s market of increased abundance of web and mobile applications, application firewalls are essential for protection from attacks and against the loss of valuable data. NetScaler AppFirewall is a core part of the wider suite of security services available on the Citrix NetScaler® platform to protect web assets in the datacenter and the cloud.

NSS Labs is known to conduct the most comprehensive third-party testing in the industry and provides real-world research and analysis to information security professionals and C-level executives. NSS Labs tested the NetScaler AppFirewall against their Web Application Firewall Methodology, which considers performance, security effectiveness, stability and reliability, management and configuration, and TCO. The NetScaler AppFirewall MPX 11520, in addition to passing all the test categories, outperformed its own published numbers and had the lowest TCO per Protected Mbps.

Key findings from the report highlight the exceptional firewall security capabilities provided by NetScaler include:

  • Lowest TCO per Protected Mbps in the Test – Delivers price performance to customers at up to 60 percent less cost than other vendors in the “Recommended” list.
  • Passed 99.77 percent of Web Application Firewall Tests – Passed comprehensive firewall security and policy enforcement requirements.
  • Passed 100% of Tested Evasions – Successfully identified and blocked attacks using evasion techniques.
  • Passed 100% of Stability and Reliability Tests

The full “NSS Labs Web Application Firewall Product Analysis Report: Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall MPX 11520” can be viewed on the Citrix website.

NetScaler AppFirewall            

NetScaler AppFirewall defends some of the world’s largest web sites and is available as a standalone appliance or as part of the NetScaler App Delivery Controller with performance from 500Mbps to18Gbps. It is available as a physical and virtual appliance or as a service.