Citrix NetScaler Diagnostics Support Tools

Many times when you open up a support case, first thing you would be asked is to provide the “Tech Support File”. What is this file and how you get it? Single place where you can do all this is “Diagnostics” page on the UI. The tech support tools have many options and let us walk over the important ones here.

Generate Support File: This option will generate the support file which collects all the relevant data for debugging and analysis. This file typically includes:

  • Newnslog files from “/var/nslog/”
  • Dmesg files from “/var/nslog/”
  • Process core files from “/var/core/”
  • Kernel core files from “/var/crash/”
  • Messages fles from “/var/log/”
  • Ns.log files from “/var/log/”
  • Other user process logs from “/var/log/”
  • Configuration files from “/nsconfig/”
  • User monitor modules from “/nsconfig/monitors/”
  •  Important configuration files from “/etc/”
  • .recovery file from “/flash/”
  • Various command output from “shell”
  • Nsapimgr output from “shell”
  • Downloaded objects from “/var/download/”
  • Profiler log files from “/var/nsproflog/”
  • Sync log files from “/var/nssynclog/”

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