Citrix releases Command Center 5.0 Build 37.2


Citrix Command Center 5.0

The Citrix Command Center release 5.0, build 37.2 includes the following new features and enhancements.

Command Center Appliance Setup Wizard

You can configure the initial settings by using the Setup Wizard available under Administration > Settings screen in Command Center graphical user interface. You can also change the existing network setting using this wizard.

Command Center Appliance High Availability Setup

You can initiate a high availability configuration from an appliance by using the Setup High Availability option under Administration> Settings. The appliance from which the configuration is initiated is designated as the primary node.


New features of version 5.0

  • Command Center Appliance Support
  • High Availability for CC Appliance
  • SDX Monitoring and Management
  • VPX provisioning and de-provisioning on SDX
  • AD Group extraction and association for external authentication
  • Ability to modify user authentication preference in runtime
  • Advance Branch Repeater Reports for BR 6.0 release
  • Task Execution Reporting for specific user
  • Enhanced Syslogs search
  • Application Template Group Deployment Support
  • Improved CC Agent support to de-register devices
  • Automatic CC startup as a service

To learn more and download Citrix Command Center 5.0 Build 37.2 click here