Citrix releases Profile Management 4.1.1

Citrix has updated their UPM software to version 4.1.1.

This version includes issues fixed since Version 4.0 was released. For the list of fixed issues, see CTX124164. In addition, this version includes the following new key features:

  • Support for personal vDisk – This XenDesktop feature is a personalization solution for pooled-static virtual desktops. If the feature is enabled, XenDesktop adjusts the Profile management configuration so that profile data is written to and read from the personal vDisk.
  • Group Policy enhancement – Profile management comes with an .admx file that contains all of the same settings as the .adm file, which is still supplied. For more information on .admx files, see your Group Policy documentation.
  • Simplified default inclusions and exclusions – The list of files and folders that are included in and excluded from Profile management processing has been revised to support some newer, commonly used applications. For example, the generic exclusions for Local Settings or AppData\Local in previous versions are replaced with lower-level, more specific exclusions by default.

Click here to download Citrix Profile Management 4.1.1

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