Citrix Smart Tools Demo

Citrix Smart Tools are designed to be easily consumable services to help Citrix Administrators deliver secure, highly performing digital workspaces, on-premises or in the cloud. This demo focuses on two tools. Smart Check: Helps your XenApp and XenDesktop sites run smoothly by discovering and solving issues before they impact end users. Smart Scale: Helps ensure underlying infrastructure is optimized to support user load.

Introducing Citrix Smart Tools, formerly Citrix Lifecycle Management. Smart Tools are a collection of easily consumable services that empower Citrix Administrators to efficiently operate Citrix software, on-premises or in the cloud. Integrated into a unified console delivered via Citrix Cloud, Smart Tools facilitate automated deployment, usage-based scaling, simplified migration and proactive health checks for Citrix workloads. Using Citrix Smart Tools, customers benefit from:

  • A unified and highly-productive cloud-based management console with alerts and notifications
  • Blueprints based on best-practices support rapid proof-of-concepts and faster time-to-value for production deployments
  • Scaling workloads on public clouds based on load or schedule optimizes underlying resources and costs
  • Assisted migrations speeds adoption of current architectures with the latest capabilities
  • Hundreds of proactive health checks detect system anomalies before they cause end-user disruption

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