Citrix updates Mobile Receivers for iOS and Android

Citrix has updated their Mobile Receivers for iOS and Android, and added many new features such as Citrix CloudGateway 2 support,ShareFile Integration and StoreFront support.

Citrix Receiver


Among new features and enhancements are:

  • Extended keyboard ribbon improvements allow the users to have the most used keys at their fingertips.  Go to Settings->Keyboard->Extended Keys to select the keys you want.
  • The extended keyboard ribbon can be pinned for use even when the soft keyboard is not visible.
  • The extended keyboard ribbon can be used with a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Korean language input support.
  • One-time password authentication enhancement.
  • AES encryption support.


Support for CloudGateway version 2, bringing the truly mobile experience to the Mobile Receivers.

  • Simplified configuration: users need only provide their email address or a provisioning file to configure Receiver.
  • ShareFile integration: easy access to documents for viewing, editing, sharing. Documents can be downloaded for offline viewing. (Tablets only)
  • Native authentication to CloudGateway.
  • Secure Browser to access internal Intranet sites without the use of a full VPN.
  • MDX AppVault: Native iOS application delivery through Receive to the native iOS Springboard.  These are iOS applications secured with the new Wrapping Technology available with CloudGateway.

 Receiver can now deliver enterprise provided applications via virtualized Windows apps and desktops, SaaS, Intranet web applications, and now native wrapped iOS applications.

Receiver for iOS 5.6 is available now in the App Store and has the following new features:

To those of you that have lost your function keys, you can get them back by going to Receiver Settings > Keyboard Options > Extended Keys and enabling the function keys that you want. You now have the ability to customize the Receiver keyboard to your needs.

To those of you that have experienced upgrade issues, issues connecting after upgrading, issues with your RSA token, or issues with stored passwords, you can solve these by manually uninstalling and reinstalling Receiver. You will also need to reinstall your RSA token.

To those of you that have experience problems with some apps such as Cerner or QS Centricity not working as expected, or click and drag or pointer issues, please check back daily. We have a fix and are working on getting it to you.

MDX App Vault – a secure native mobile app container technology that separates mobile enterprise apps and data from personal apps and data on any mobile device. This allows IT to remotely manage, control, lock and wipe the critical business apps and data they care about, without impacting your device.

MDX Web Connect – secure mobile browser technology that makes it easy for you to access corporate web apps, HTML5 mobile web apps, and external SaaS apps from any network without a VPN.

Customizable keyboard – add or remove common function keys and other key combinations (such as Ctrl-Alt-Del) form your Receiver keyboard.

Simplified configuration – add an account now simply by entering your email address*

Access to your docs – integrated access to documents available on Citrix ShareFile**

Korean language input – for all you folks over there in Korea

AES Encryption (128 & 256 bit) – for all you folks concerned about security and encryption

* requires CloudGateway v2
** requires a ShareFile subscription

Receiver for Android is available in the Google Play Store and has the following new features:

Cloud Gateway
App Controller
Simplified Configuration
Email Discovery
Service Records
Follow Me Data
ShareFile Integration
Korean Language Support
AES Encryption (128 & 256 bit)
Secure Browser
Keyboard Ribbon Modifications (Extended Keys)
In-session Action Bar Modifications
Zoom Feature modifications
Updated user help

Check out and learn more about the Top 5 ways to be more productive on-the-go with Citrix August 1, 2012  11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT (USA) or August 1, 2012  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm CET (EU)).

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