Google Cloud Joins the Citrix Ready Workspace Security Program

Citrix Ready Workspace Security Program

Google Cloud has joined the Citrix Ready Workspace Security program by integrating with Citrix Access Control to provide additional layer of security for GSuite customers.

Both Citrix and Google Cloud lead with a security-first mindset and have industry-leading knowledge and expertise building cloud security, network infrastructure, and applications at-scale.

G Suite, is one of the most used set of productivity tools offered as SaaS. G Suite offers administrators enterprise control over system configuration and application settings – all in a dashboard that you can use to streamline authentication, asset protection, and operational control. G Suite includes security controls to ensure your data is secure, such as 2- factor authentication, enhanced email security, and data loss prevention policies that not only help secure your data, but also ensure it is accessed only by authorized users.

Citrix Access Control is a new service from Citrix that is designed to add value to existing and new G Suite customers. On top of the security value provided natively by Google Cloud, Citrix enhances this proposition in the following ways:

  1. Single sign-on experience: Existing and new Çitrix virtualization customers, who use Workspace app to access their virtual apps and desktops, can now use it to access their SaaS apps like G Suite. This helps improves user experience since an employee needs to login to Workspace app and get SSO across all their applications, desktops, and data.
  2. Multi-factor authenticationCitrix Workspace app provides multi-factor authentication with a one-time password, natively, using Google authenticator or Citrix SSO app. These apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android, or App Store on iOS.
  3. Enhanced security policies for G Suite: The security policies provided by Google Drive to control editing the documents and the Citrix Access Control provide policies to control printing, download, copy and paste of text, and implementing watermarks on the documents in Google Drive. This provides additional security and prevents unauthorized usage of the data and protects your IP.
  4. Web filtering policies for G Suite: While Gmail does a great job in filtering SPAM and phishing emails from your Inbox, Citrix Access Control provides additional web filtering policies, so you can block access to blacklisted URLs for your users. In addition, you can also redirect a user session to the Internet, through the Citrix Secure Browser service, that is streamed from Citrix cloud. Using this service, your users can access Internet without you worrying about any malicious content hitting your network.
  5. End to end visibility and analytics: Together with advanced analytics, Citrix Access Control enables IT and security teams to identify and prevent malicious user behavior. With risk indicators and criteria to help detect user anomalies when using G Suite applications, admins can configure the policy controls to quickly identify and alert IT about bad or risky user behavior. This lowers the risk of insider threats and enables IT to deliver a secure digital workspace.

“The integration of G Suite with Citrix Access Control adds a host of features that allow customers to get increased visibility and control for SaaS applications, while preventing unauthorized disclosure of information stored in SaaS apps,” says Manoj Raisinghani, Vice President of Citrix Networking and Security services.