Igel releases IGEL Universal Management Suite 4.0

Igel released a new version of their UMS software to manage their Igel ThinClients.

The Universal Management Suite (UMS) is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software that allows you to remotely manage your IGEL thin clients so that support costs are kept to a minimum. It is extremely open and network friendly so that it can fit into your organization’s existing infrastructure.

Typical uses

  • Automatically setting up thin clients with the right profile when they first attach to the network
  • Changing the settings of the device or its local
    protocols and software tools
  • Re-imaging devices mid-life when new firmware becomes available, diagnostics and support

Here are the key new features:


  • Load balancing scenario
    • In large environments with many thin client devices (>500) when booting simultaneously some devices will not receive new settings in time
  • High availability scenario
    • Ensures redundancy if one server hard- or software fails
  • Licensing
    • CML – Client Management License per seat (managed thin client)
    • No mixed environment
    • 5 CMLs for evaluation included in UMS Standard (not for productive usage, will be deactivated as soon as productive license is deployed)