Klas Telecom Voyager Tactical Data Center powered by Nutanix

The Klas Telecom Voyager Tactical Data Center powered by the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform deploys enterprise-grade storage and compute resources to the tactical edge in an airline carry-on compliant rollaway case. This innovative, purpose-built system effectively supports large volumes of data, such as mapping and imagery files, as well as mission-critical applications, with high availability, linear scaling and secure operations.

Nutanix and Klas Telecom have partnered to create a formidable datacenter solution – the Voyager Tactical Data Center system – with more storage per cubic inch than any other offering in the market, whether tactical or enterprise. Powered by Nutanix’ award-winning Acropolis and Prism software, the Voyager’s compact form factor withstands harsh, austere, physical conditions of the field and significantly reduces the footprint of legacy tactical data center operations. This joint solution enables users to deploy enterprise-grade data storage networks to the edge in a single, airline carry-on-size rollaway case. The Klas Telecom Voyager and Nutanix hyperconverged technology offers new mobile, remote, and tactical datacenter capabilities for defense, education, energy, first responder, and healthcare entities.

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