Liquidware Labs Announces Product Synergies with VMware End-User Computing Portfolio

Liquidware Labs, a developer of desktop transformation solutions, has announced new versions of their products. FlexApp (GA: May 16) and version 5.0 of its Stratusphere FIT, Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity offerings (GA: May) to complement VMware’s End-User Computing portfolio.

“Liquidware Labs is providing the kind of innovative and cutting-edge solutions that complement the VMware end-user computing strategy,” said David Bieneman, CEO and Co-founder of Liquidware Labs. “Organizations are able to use our simple and elegant solutions to extend the offerings of VMware cloud solutions quickly and easily, and without having to invest in elaborate subsystems infrastructures. Our Assess, Migrate, Validate, User Experience and Virtualization solutions can enable faster adoption to end-user computing.”

VMware today announced an updated portfolio of End-User Computing (EUC) solutions to provide a consistent experience across private and public clouds and across computing devices. Liquidware Labs solutions in conjunction with VMware View 5.1 and VMware ThinApp help close the gaps between legacy environments and these key VMware offerings to enable pervasive adoption of desktop virtualization.

Synergies between Liquidware Labs offerings and VMware View 5.1 include:

Stratusphere FIT and Stratusphere UX provide highly complementary solutions to VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View. A forthcoming integration plugin will feed critical end-user indicators such as Users Login Time, Application Launch Time, Application ‘Hang’ Rate (ANR), Network Latency, Network Connection Failures, guest Disk IOPS and Queues, % Paging and the overall “Health Index Score” into VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View, which can then provide a single pane of glass encompassing both system and end user metrics. In addition, Stratusphere UX provides a means of standardizing metrics gathered from sub-optimized environments for consistent reporting into VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View for superior optimization. Integration with Stratusphere FIT’s composite index score allows VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View to assess physical machines and identify good candidates for migration to VMware View, directly from within the solution at an AD Group, user and application level. Liquidware Labs Stratusphere FIT and UX have been and continue to be essential components for successful virtual desktop environments.

A rich and deep feature set in ProfileUnity 5.0 extends VMware View Persona Management with advanced profile and data management options, including support for easy Windows 7 migrations, mixed environment support, WAN friendly migration of critical user-authored “My Documents” data, advanced file portability, and profile compression to reduce storage footprints. Context-aware filters can limit or extend the scope of migration and management of users and applications on both physical and virtual desktops. Additionally, ProfileUnity adds the following management capabilities to View Persona Management: centralized user and application management, user disaster recovery, printer assignment, application assignment, context aware filters for Microsoft Active Directory and View Client name and IP subnet addresses awareness. ProfileUnity also dynamically deploys VMware ThinApp as either streamed or cached, thereby enabling the ability to reduce expenses and effort, while application options are delivered to the user regardless of desktop type and location.

The general availability of FlexApp on May 16 makes user installed applications a reality. Companies can now deliver highly efficient desktop images by leveraging VMware ThinApp and VMware View, yet provide a deep level of personalization and persistency by managing user profiles with ProfileUnity, and by enabling users to install needed applications to their desktops with FlexApp. FlexApp allows several applications to be stored separately from the Windows operation system, while enabling the applications to be ‘snapped-in’ quickly at login. By insulating the base image and underlying operating system from traditional application installations, FlexApp can lower the cost of supporting Windows environments, streamline application virtualization strategies, and make managing desktops easier than ever before while expanding the end-user audience for desktop virtualization and increasing ROI.

“VMware and Liquidware Labs offerings combine to amplify an organization’s investment in desktop virtualization and complement the computing experience with VMware View 5.1,” said Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President, End-User Computing, VMware. “We look forward to continued collaboration with Liquidware Labs to bring customers solutions that deliver end-user computing services across a variety of devices.”

About Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs is the leader in desktop transformation solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, Red Hat and Microsoft Windows 7. The company’s Stratusphere and ProfileUnity solutions have been described by analysts as the industry’s first ‘On-Ramp to VDI,’ providing a complete methodology and software that enables organisations to decouple users and applications from the operating system and to cost-effectively assess, design, migrate and validate the user experience for next-generation desktop infrastructures. Liquidware Labs products are VMware and Citrix certified, and are available through a global network of partners. Visit for further information.