Maimonides Medical Center Selects Goliath Technologies to Troubleshoot and Resolve “Citrix is Slow” Complaints Faster

Citrix is Slow

Goliath Technologies has announced that it was selected by Maimonides Medical Center to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document Maimonides’ medical staff experience across their Citrix environment for “Citrix is Slow” issues.

Maimonides Medical Center is a non-profit hospital located in Brooklyn, N.Y. When COVID-19 hit, many on their team were instructed to work from home. With an increase in remote workers and pressures around patient care, the IT team needed a solution to more effectively monitor and troubleshoot their Citrix infrastructure that delivers medical staff access to clinical and other applications. Goliath Performance Monitor is the only comprehensive Citrix monitoring and troubleshooting solution that brings together Citrix monitoring data, end user experience performance metrics and the supporting IT elements that can impact end users experience when using Citrix. Comprehensive Citrix monitoring requires full visibility into everything the user does from the initial logon to working within their Citrix session and the IT infrastructure that supports this activity.

Vitaly Petrovsky, Manager of Enterprise Applications at Maimonides Medical Center, shared, “Citrix gets a bad reputation as being blamed for everything, and the “Citrix is Slow”, but the underlying issue rarely has anything to do with Citrix.”  When many on Maimonides’ medical staff started working from home, Petrovsky recognized the number of “Citrix is Slow” complaints were going to increase.  He needed a tool that the Support Team could use to prevent calls being falsely escalated to his 3rd line Engineers. “Goliath provides end-to-end visibility across the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure and enables us to isolate the root cause of performance issues and resolve quickly – regardless of where users are located,” shared Petrovsky.

Additionally, Petrovsky shared that they needed a solution that would proactively anticipate issues and alert the team before end users logged in to start their day. Goliath Technologies’ threshold-based alerting proactively looks for potential events, conditions, and failure points that could negatively impact performance and automatically alert the team if issues are discovered.

“Using Goliath, we were able to track down sporadic logon issues from only a certain group of users. We discovered those users had an old network drive mapping in their GPOs causing Citrix to time out(Citrix is Slow). Before Goliath, it would have taken hours of manual effort and we may never have found the root cause.” With the increase in remote workers, the Support Team can now easily identify if a performance issue is due to home WiFi issues or in the underlying Citrix infrastructure. The empirical evidence available to prove what is causing slowness eliminates debates and drives collaboration with end users.

“At Goliath, we are known as the Health IT standard because we understand the challenges faced by healthcare IT professionals,” said Thomas Charlton, CEO and Chairman of Goliath Technologies. “When you compare Healthcare IT departments to their enterprise counterparts, they usually have half of the resources and staff trying to support similar infrastructures. Goliath offers software with embedded intelligence and automation that has the operational impact of hiring at least two full time Citrix or VMware experts.”

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Goliath will automatically integrate with your environment and build a dependency map of your Citrix infrastructure components – and ancillary database and Active Directory systems. Goliath’s intelligence engine assigns correlating monitoring for relevant failure points to each component, so you can monitor with a purpose. Since this is all automatic, you can just sit back and watch – tweakin and tuning is your only responsibility. Then, pre-configured Citrix Monitoring rules are automatically applied and look for over 250 common failure points in the Citrix, Infrastructure, and Role Servers. Because of this embedded intelligence, you don’t have to be a Citrix expert to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot, resolve, and prevent performance issues in the most complex Citrix environments. Goliath’s purpose-built Citrix monitoring and troubleshooting software has the Citrix expert included!