NetScaler 10.5 released

Citrix NetScaler

Citrix has released an updated version of their very popular network product, NetScaler. Citrix NetScaler 10.5 is the only remote access solution to securely deliver any application with policy-based SmartAccess control. NetScaler Gateway provides remote access for the most demanding and complex environments that require increased scalability and performance. Say goodby to java for good, with the new HTML5 based gui.

This release builds on the existing enterprise class remote access, and offers new features such as Cluster (spotted mode) support, OSPWAT Integration (Advanced EPA) support for pre-authentication as well as post-authentication, proxy selection based on traffic policies, Single Sign-On to public IPs, SSL Renegotiation, RADIUS accounting support for VPN sessions, etc. The management GUI of NetScaler Gateway now uses HTML5 and we have removed Java-based configuration GUI for most of the features.

Here are som of the new features:

  • HTML5 based GUI
  • MobileStream
  • NITRO SDK for Python
  • NITRO for File Operations
  • NITRO for ZebOS system
  • GSLB Static proximity sync
  • SSL configuration Profiles
  • CNAME record caching
  • Multiple Port CS
  • AAA Session Stickiness
  • Cluster (spotted mode) support
  • OPSWAT Integration
  • Proxy selection based on traffic policies
  • SSL Renegotiation
  • SSO to public IPs
  • RADIUS accounting
  • Mac OS 10.9
  • Most of the GUI screens are now HTML5
  • Kerberos Performance
  • Jumbo Frames
  • Web-based Authentication
  • Unlocking Locked-Out User Accounts
  • NetScaler Default Expressions support for authentication subsystem
  • Extracting SAML Attributes from Keytab
  • Link Redundancy
  • Cisco RISE Integration
  • XenServer IP Address Support in Network Configuration Utility
  • Cache Object Persistence in a High Availability Setup
  • SPDYv3 Gateway
  • SDX Manageability
  • Front End Optimization
  • Insight Center Enhancements

To learn more and download NetScaler 10.5 click here