NetScaler Insight 1.0 GA released

NetScaler Insight 1.0 Beta has been received with great excitement and with a huge response from a range of customers and field.
Visibility is the key requirement today for any information processing model. In the Application centric world the visibility challenges are more and its significance is growing as more business logic flows through. Most of the enterprise Apps has a common requirement of being load balanced and thus ADCs like NetScaler become the central node from where all App centric information travels. AppFlow is the standard for fetching out the visibility information through NetScaler andNetScaler Insight is responsible to collect the AppFlow records, analyze them and produce efficient analytical reports for end user consumption. NetScaler Insight provides all dimensions of visibility information for the Applications such that you just need to come to a central Dashboard and it gets you all the information, starting from end clients to backend Application servers.

NetScaler Insight 1.0 brings following key features to the table:

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Real time and Historical stats
  • Layer 3 to Layer 7 stats
  • Complete Application Stats
  • Response time measurement
  • Client/Server Statistics
  • URL level stats with Waterfall
  • HTTP request/response analytics
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Few click setup and configuration
  • NITRO API support for Automation
  • Add NetScaler under Inventory with SNIP
  • Access NetScaler Insight using hostname/IP address


Click here to download -> NetScaler Insight 1.0 GA (requires a valid account!)