Nutanix Xtract for VMs Demo

Nutanix Xtract
Businesses adopting new IT infrastructure have to choose how they handle existing applications and workloads and VMs. Do you rebuild or migrate? This video demonstration of Nutanix Xtract for VMs shows the ease and speed at which workloads can be migrated to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud powered by AHV.

Adopting new infrastructure platforms often requires a migration of pre-existing systems. Nutanix Xtract for VMs simplifies bulk migration of existing VMs to Nutanix, eliminating the friction associated with onboarding new IT infrastructure. Businesses can quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with near-zero VM downtime during migrations.

Xtract provides granular, project based control for automated workload migrations in a simple three-step process.

Nutanix Xtract helps streamline ‘lift-and-shift’ virtual machine (VM) migrations to a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, and automates the migration of full database instances while applying proven Nutanix best practices.

  • Streamlined migrations with one-click simplicity
  • Near-zero downtime with full cutover control
  • Simple test migrations and roll-back capabilities
  • Cost efficient – included with all Nutanix software editions