Sanbolic Melio for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp Solutions Brief

Citrix Solution Brief: Sanbolic Melio, Pilot to Production

Sanbolic Melio 

Sanbolic’s Melio software helps Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp users to consolidate, protect and simplify management of XenDesktop and XenApp Server images; enhance desktop/server performance; enable high availability and seamless scale; and realize significant savings in storage and related cost. The Role of Storage in Virtualization Storage plays a key role in desktop and application virtualization. Virtual desktop deployments can impose tremendous strain on traditional storage infrastructures and even the modern storage systems and architectures have been unable to keep up with the ongoing innovations in desktop and application virtualization technologies. As a result, many organizations have found it extremely difficult to implement these technologies in their enterprise environments. The challenges encountered by these organizations include excessive desktop image and storage management, performance constraints that adversely affect the user experience, lack of fault-tolerance, and inability to keep costs in check as they transition from pilot to production. In addition, the option to scale implementations quickly and easily, without impacting user productivity, was nonexistent.

Implementing Desktop and Application Virtualization with Ease and Lower Cost Sanbolic’s Melio distributed data management software helps organizations address the limitations of storage systems and architectures. It helps overcome the challenges of implementing desktop and application virtualization technologies by delivering enhanced application availability and scale to critical enterprise workloads.

Using Melio, a comprehensive, software-based product suite that augments existing application, server and storage infrastructures, organizations will be able to extend the capabilities of their storage systems to successfully implement and realize the benefits of desktop and application virtualization. It creates a flexible, scalable, highly available shared storage for Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS), a core component of Citrix XenDesktop that enables on-demand streaming of desktop images. By combining the unique capabilities of Melio with the ease of deploying and managing desktop images with PVS, organizations can now implement highly scalable and highly available virtual desktop and application delivery infrastructures – without the costs and complexities associated with other storage options such as replication, file shares, and proprietary, file-based hardware appliances. The combined benefits of Melio and XenDesktop include the ability to transition from pilot to production quickly and easily, expand existing storage infrastructure seamlessly without downtime, and achieve dramatic improvements in both server and storage utilization – all of which lead to a significant reduction in overall deployment cost and a faster and greater return on investments in these industry-leading solutions.

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