A Security Operations Center or in short, SOC is a centralized collection of security-focused people, processes, and technology that provides the comprehensive cybersecurity that all organizations now need. This includes end-to-end security responsibilities ranging from vulnerability management and risk mitigation to threat monitoring, investigation, and response.

A SOC is the command center for your organization’s security. It provides complete visibility into your security posture across the enterprise in real-time, 24 hours a day. It lets you know who logs into your systems, scans for known threats, and manages the security health of endpoints.

Because your systems are so entwined and so much of your business depends on technology, it’s important to have a single resource you can trust for ensuring your cybersecurity. Compared to a typical IT team that approaches cybersecurity as yet one more task, a SOC includes skilled security experts and provides the advanced prevention and response needed to meet today’s threats.