Troubleshooting Slow Citrix Logons using eG Enterprise

eG Enterprise

One of the most challenging tasks for a Citrix administrator is troubleshooting Citrix logon issues. When logon fails or is slow, it directly impacts the productivity of the user. Watch this Quick Look feature video to learn how eG Enterprise provides detailed visibility into the logon process for every single user that is connecting to Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop. From a single console , you can view the overall logon time and get the breakdown of time taken for each step of the logon process, such as brokering, HDX session establishment, logon script execution, and profile loading, etc. This centralized view helps you quickly pinpoint the exact step that is causing logon slowness.

eG Enterprise provides personalized views for different stakeholders in your organization. Real-time dashboards can be created and viewed in minutes. Aggregated metrics provide enterprise-wide views of IT demand, quality and utilization.

eG Enterprise also offers comprehensive pre-built and custom reports. High-level IT service performance reports help executives identify areas that need attention. Deep-dive operations reports allow IT managers to zoom into the performance of specific tiers of the infrastructure. Trending and forecasting reports help architects identify opportunities for optimization and cost savings.