VMware ThinApp 4.7 released

VMware has released ThinApp 4.7, which now provides ThinApp integration with VMware Horizon Application Manager.

VMware ThinApp 4.7

Here is a quick overview of what’s new in ThinApp 4.7:

  • The ThinApp Setup Capture wizard includes an option to manage with Horizon Application Manager. When the checkbox is selected, ThinApp checks if the Horizon agent is installed natively on the client and is running. If the Horizon agent is found, the ThinApp package reports to the Horizon agent so that it can be controlled by Horizon Application Manager.
  • Horizon Application Manager entitlement allows the delivery of ThinApp packaged applications to specified users and groups. The Horizon agent authorizes a ThinApp package to open, based on entitlements.
  • ThinApp packages are registered by Horizon Application Manager and delivered to end points.
  • The administrator can track usage of ThinApp packages by using Horizon Application Manager monitoring and reporting.
  • The administrator can configure an Organizational URL for end points missing the Horizon agent.

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