2X ApplicationServer XG Enables Norwegian American Hospital to Provide Remote Access to Particular Applications Based on Business Requirements

Norwegian American Hospital, a leading provider of high quality, charitable health care, has achieved a significant increase in administrative efficiency while  reducing costs by using 2X ApplicationServer XGto provide remote access to particular applications based on business requirements

Prior to November 2010, all IT services at Norwegian American Hospital had been outsourced to an external vendor. This changed when a new division of Information Technology was formed with the arrival of IT leadership in November 2010. The new IT team at NAH inherited an environment where no server-based solution was implemented and only Cisco VPN was used to connect to internal resources. The NAH IT team had very limited need for technical support related to Cisco VPN, but rather strived for a seamless virtual desktop and application delivery solution with secure remote access capability.

To solve their issues, the NAH IT team turned to 2X Software. By using 2X ApplicationServer XG, NAH was able to provide remote access to particular applications based on their business needs. 2X ApplicationServer XG provided NAH with remote access from personal devices to corporate resources and enabled them to publish applications based on AD security groups, along with publishing RDP access to servers for vendor support.

NAH realized an immediate benefit with the ease of deploying 2X ApplicationServer XG. Likewise, when NAH started using the software, they quickly witnessed its ease of administration. Furthermore, they were able to provide access to selected apps based on user/group needs. Last but not least, NAH saw significant cost savings with utilizing 2X ApplicationServer XG.

“2X Software is easy to deploy and easy to manage. Our #1 benefit is having the ability to provide access to selected applications based on user-group needs.”

Mariusz Mazek
Director, IT Operations

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About Norwegian American Hospital

Norwegian American Hospital is a 200-bed, acute care facility, offering a variety of health care programs and services including: inpatient and same day surgery, outpatient pharmacy, radiology department, All Kids health care program, cardiology department, corporate health program, intensive care unit, telemetry unit, pediatrics unit, emergency department, physician specialty center, and a comprehensive array of women’s health care with an incorporated midwife program. For more information, visithttps://www.nahospital.org

About 2X Software

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