Citrix updates ShareFile Storage Center to version 1.1

Storage Center 1.1 is a downloadable component which enables you to create and manage an on-premises StorageZone in your ShareFile Enterprise account.

Citrix ShareFile Storage Center

ShareFile Storage Center extends the ShareFile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud storage by providing your ShareFile account with on-premises private storage, referred to as StorageZones. The ShareFile cloud storage differs from on-premises storage as follows:

  • ShareFile-managed cloud storage is a public multi-tenant storage system maintained by Citrix.
  • A ShareFile Storage Center is a private single-tenant storage system maintained by you and can be used only by your account.

You can use StorageZones with or instead of the ShareFile-managed cloud storage.

To provide iOS users secure read-only access to data stored in legacy network shares, use StorageZone Connectors. A StorageZone Connector integrates with your ShareFile subdomain and on-premises StorageZones. ShareFile displays network shares as root level folders along with other ShareFile content. Users must enter credentials to access a network share.

New for version 1.1:

  • Simplified configuration
  • Detailed system status
  • Anti-virus support
  • Metadata archiving with file restore from on-prem backup
  • Disaster recovery reconciliation
  • Support for

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