2X Software releases ApplicationServer 8.1 Beta for download

2X Software has release a Beta version of their 2X ApplicationServer. The Version is 8.1 Beta.

Here is what is fixed in this release:

Fixed Client connection log to show the peer’s ip
Fixed PXE booting issue when a network interface has an invalid ip/subnet
New feature: Listing policies (Which clients can list published items),
Windows 2008/R2 Printer name renaming
Adding or removing a backup publishing agents will update all gateways even those who are not using the default settings
Fixed SMB gateway port error
Added “2X Appliance” OS Type in remote installation of VDS
Adding gw automatically when backup servers are added from “Find” button
During Server installation we detect which Ports are in use by other applications
Changed licensing model for VDS

Windows Client:
Improved Secondary connections on the Client, now we support up to 16 servers
Added RDP7 “Use All monitors”
Added RDP7 “Audio Recording”
Application listing available from Tray Icon
Added Authorization Tab both in 2X Connection and Terminal Server Connection
Added Direct SSL mode, in this mode the connection to the gateway is done over ssl, while the rdp session is done directly to the server
Added support for new version of RDP control “Control Version: 6.1.7600”
Improved support Windows 7 Taskbar grouping,
Added server side colour depth, width and height for published application
Added auto close error message
Fixed Drag and Drop issue with windows 7, Windows 2008
Changed MSI Client options. Now you need to specify a file with the client settings exported. Installation looks for default file “2XSettings.2xc” in the same folder where the msi resides.
Fixed connect to console to work with latest active x control (80/81)
Fixed SSL trusted file not loaded always
Added Client side Logging

Linux Client:
Added Single Sign-On feature

Mac Client:
Added Sound redirection
Implemented Uninstaller
Added RDP compression option
Added “Show Certificate information” for SSL desktops (works on MAC 10.5 and later)

Java Client:
Added Configuration tool for server configuration
Added support for installation mode
Improved Deepnet integration
Added cleaning of registered 2X applications
Added Basic installation of 2X Client
Added support for Direct SLL Mode
Unregistering extensions after listing if applicable
Added support for credentials passed through HTML param tags

Web Portal:
Provide Client detection as a seperate component
Improved Deepnet integration
Added Global Message in login page
Added support for Default Domain
Site Settings Replication (Still in development)
Added Client detection on Linux using Firefox

Click here to download