ACE short for App Configuration for Enterprise launched

App Configuration for Enterprise

A couple of companies with the likes of VMware, Box and Cisco infront have launched ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise.) ACE is an open standard approach for managing and securing apps deployed via enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions. ACE founding members AirWatch by VMwareBoxCiscoWorkday andXamarin have tackled common security and usability challenges that organizations have when deploying apps, by simplifying and scaling the deployment of apps in the enterprise. These standards include:

  • Automating the first-time setup experience with app configuration capabilities
  • Securing app connectivity to corporate networks with per-app tunnel
  • Avoiding separate user login requirements for each app with single sign-on
  • Allowing access to native apps only on secure, compliant devices with access control
  • Preventing data leakage with a flexible set of security policies including open in and copy/paste controls
  • Wiping corporate data remotely from lost or stolen devices

By providing standardized app configurations and policies that will interoperate with all EMM solutions, ACE is the first solution of its kind, providing a new approach to securing apps with EMM-specific solutions. ACE leverages the latest APIs available through leading operating system platforms such as Apple iOS and Google Android, and it provides a framework that requires minimal effort for both app developers and EMM platforms to integrate, while maintaining a positive end user experience.

Developers that join ACE can benefit from a significant reduction in cost and time to build enterprise ready applications. Developers can take advantage of ACE benefits including no proprietary SDK or app wrapping, vendor neutral applications, a single app build for enterprises and no coding required for certain security settings. Meanwhile, end-users will enjoy a seamless, native device experience, the ability to leverage existing investments in EMM, VPN and identity, a plug-and-play approach with seamless auto-configuration of apps and access to company networks and a broader set of available supported apps.

“Enterprise-ready app development has traditionally been fragmented, and ACE is the first industry-wide solution that can alleviate this problem regardless of application or EMM provider,” said Eric Klein, senior mobility analyst, VDC Research. “Applications are what make mobility programs successful, and ACE is a strong step forward in enabling even more organizations with the updated, enterprise-ready apps they need regardless of their deployment structure.”

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