AirWatch and Google set to drive enterprise security for Android Devices


AirWatch by VMware, the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider, has announced that it is working with Google to enhance security of Android devices in the enterprise. With AirWatch, customers will benefit from enhanced profile separation, business data encryption and app management capabilities made available with Android for Work.

As bring your own device (BYOD) programs continue to proliferate the enterprise, IT is tasked with managing an array of varied devices, including many different manufacturers that operate Android software. With Android for Work, AirWatch will be able to deliver enhanced management capabilities into an encrypted, dedicated work profile that keeps business data, apps, email and content separate and secure while keeping personal information private.

AirWatch customers utilizing Android devices will be able to take advantage of new features including:

  • A separate, dedicated work profile that restricts sharing to personal data and applications
  • Improved data encryption on the device, profile and data level
  • App security enhancements that allow only corporate-approved apps in the work profile with sharing restrictions to third-party applications
  • Consistent device management and application deployment across Android device manufacturers
  • Integration with IT management systems including Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for Work


Erik Frieberg, vice president, End-User Computing, VMware, says that “Android for Work will provide our customers with a single solution for management across the diverse Android ecosystem,”. “The benefits of Android for Work will enable AirWatch to deliver an even more extensive mobility solution for the management of all devices from a single pane of glass. AirWatch is committed to being device and operating system agnostic to deliver the latest innovations across the mobile landscape to our customers as soon as they are available.”