Antivirus Guidelines for Citrix XenDesktop

Antivirus software in virtualized desktops and especially when Citrix Provisioning Services is used is a question with many different answers. In this whitepaper, we will try to shed light on some aspects concerning how to implement antivirus in a Virtual Desktop delivered by Citrix XenDesktop environment.

An antivirus solution is important to protecting the user and the business from viruses that look to disrupt business operations and steal sensitive data. However, improperly configuring an antivirus solution can negatively impact Provisioning services. If many streamed and hosted desktops are configured to perform a full system scan at the same time, this process will have a large impact on Provisioning services resulting in decreased scalability.
You can consider the following practices when deploying anti-virus solutions for virtual systems.

Click here to download our Antivirus Guidelines for Citrix XenDesktop


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